By understanding what then (the beliefs, traditions, and meanings of history), we can find new meaning for why now (insight into the Bible and current events). With this unique focus on weaving together history and culture, we can explore the Bible together in a new way that builds relationship with the Author and each other.


Changing forever the way we read His story.

What Then Why Now thoughtfully facilitates a vision for fresh perspective, deeper meaning, and personal experience for fellow students of God’s Word in the classroom of life.

  • Fresh perspective. Providing important context and cultural details enables readers to see the Bible in a new way, and understand the timeline of biblical history in all its cultural, relational, geographic, historic and poetic details. It makes the intellectually engaging and extravagantly artistic story of God, creation and mankind even more relevant for daily life here and now.
  • Deeper meaning. By bridging the gap between our 21st Century mindset and a 2,000 year-old Middle Eastern culture, men and women, young and old, married and single find greater significance and new understanding of their place in His story. As this happens we are inspired to better know God and read His Word as a committed, relational part of our everyday lives.
  • Personal experience. Through guided trips to the Middle East – Israel, Turkey, Greece, Rome, and special exhibits stateside, believers find a richer understanding of the Bible by seeing it come to life in 3D living color. Hiking tours are an opportunity to walk where Jesus walked, bus tours provide time to engage conversationally with others while seeing lands and cities of the Bible as God’s living, breathing pop-up book.

In these ways, What Then Why Now strengthens the Church (God’s way of working in the world) to better live out one of Jesus’ most significant calls: “Love God. Love your neighbor.”

Mission, vision & values


God is sovereign

and the scripture inerrant


The Bible is relevant for today

and, by the Spirit of God, is a source of life change


God’s message is unchanging

and the original context is important for our understanding today


God calls us to learn

and grow in community

Meet Jennifer


Jennifer O’Herin

A Little About Me

First and foremost you should know that I’m passionate about learning and knowing God’s Word and bringing it to life for others, especially in its cultural context and through the language of story. To feed my passion, I’m a voracious reader, love study trips to the Middle East, and participate in numerous workshops, lectures and exhibits.

Currently, I teach a series of workshops on Jewish culture and history as a regular part of the TruthWorks ministry at Mariners Church in Irvine, California. I’m a leader of small groups, and also teach and speak at other churches and ministry groups.

My formal education was actually in medicine. Today I manage a medical clinic in Santa Ana, California, where I’ve provided care as a physician assistant for more than 25 years. I consider myself fortunate to serve people by doing what I love, both at work and in ministry.

Inspiration for blog posts brew as I work in my garden. Growing fruits and vegetables helps me see God working every day, and brings so many Bible stories vividly to life. Or thoughts may marinate as I hike or walk the dog. It may be an exercise in the discipline of quieting my mind or a lively discussion with a companion.

When I’m not working, teaching or studying, I’m usually hanging out with friends, going camping or planning my next trip abroad. God has blessed me with a great community “doing life” together. And I can’t forget my partner in all these adventures is my fun and playful lab, Toviel [pronounced toe-vee-EL and Hebrew for God’s goodness].

Why I Love Teaching

One of my favorite sounds is the “ohhhhhh” that involuntarily leaks out from various corners in a room as God’s truth is seen from a new perspective. I love it because it’s the same sound I have made over and over since beginning to delve into the arena of Bible history. To sew together truths from the Bible that are thought disparate until now – to suddenly see how they’re connected and make sense of them in a new way – makes me jump up and down because I know what it could mean. Someone could be starting a new adventure in his or her own faith and that gets me excited all over again.

I love teaching and sharing what God is showing me because it keeps me sharp and learning myself, not to mention accountable. And, I love doing this because, occasionally, someone will approach me and say, “I’m so excited to read my Bible.” I know that the Spirit working through the Word of God is a powerful force, and I’m ever so grateful that He lets me participate in what He’s doing.

Personally, I was excited and challenged as I began learning Bible history in its original Jewish context. It deepened my relationship with God. The people God spoke through became real, not just black and white words on a page, and I saw how He worked through them. And, I got to know my savior Jesus in a new way – as a Jewish rabbi and the embodiment of the entire text – and began to learn what it means to really be a disciple. As I get to know Jesus in context, He continues to change my life. He is so compelling that I have to invite others along.

Teaching is my piece in God’s work in the world – and I believe that as the body of Christ grows and is strengthened – He uses us together to bring His kingdom. Through His spirit, we get to bring healing and shalom to our world. His kingdom come!

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