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What are you building?

The minutiae of our actions build upon themselves day by day, becoming habits, becoming character. An investment compounds almost imperceptibly but yields growth in time. And the result of our work and our relationships builds a legacy as well. When we look back, no one thing may stick in our mind, but we see the…
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My Feet are Lit

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105 The lamp that David is referencing would have burned a small flame, nowhere near the intensity of a modern flashlight. But it would illuminate enough to show your immediate environment – where you stand and what is a…
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In Every Season

At this age, my friends are scattered across the life stage spectrum. Some are starting families with a newborn in tow and some are caring for aging parents. Some are struggling with health issues while others have begun grandparenting. In the midst of that, a new business or job might be started or possibly their…
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Just for fun: Ancient Board Games

My family enjoys board games and this holiday break was no exception. It’s a fun way to interact, laugh and relax. But Hasbro didn’t invent the concept. Here’s an article that shows this kind of interaction has been around for a long time. Some well-preserved boards were found in Gath and a few in neighboring…
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