The Sand by the Sea

As the sand by the sea, great are Your blessings toward me. How many grains of sand can you hold in your hand? Can we imagine a number big enough to hold the number of granules on a single beach? I recently enjoyed some time camping and relaxing on the beach. It was beautiful. But…
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Mikveh: Our True Hope

O Lord, the Hope (Mikveh) of Israel, all who forsake You shall be put to shame; those who turn away from You shall be written in the earth, for they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of living water. Jeremiah 17:13 The prophet Jeremiah reminds the people of Israel that God alone is their hope. The word translated hope in this…
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Mikveh: Washed in the Blood

John, the priest and prophet, stood at the Jordan River and called people to repentance. If they returned to God, cleansing was available. Last week the purification rite of mikveh was introduced. Becoming ritually clean could involve full immersion; or it may involve touching or sprinkling the same way God instructed the priests to sprinkle…
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Mikveh: Time to Come Clean

Ritual purity laws in the Bible are somewhat of a mystery to us today. Yet in them we see beautiful pictures of God’s provision. It is God who decides what is unclean and what is clean. The ritual cleansing to get from one to the other is called micveh and it must be done with…
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