Body Language: What are we communicating?

Communication technology has advanced in many helpful ways, but for important conversations I prefer to sit face to face. It’s easy to misunderstand a text or email. I’ve had to clarify my message in person on more than one occasion. Research has shown that what we communicate is 55% body language, 38% tone and 7% the words we use. People judge the veracity of our words, even subconsciously, by the physical cues that accompany them. The Bible backs this up.

Body language can expose a person’s intentions. Proverbs 16:30 (The Voice)

People found Jesus approachable. He must have been welcoming in His mannerisms; safe and un-judging. Even the kids flocked to Him. They knew He spoke the truth.

Does my non-verbal communication match my words? Do I talk about loving my neighbor but not have time to look him in the eye and give him my attention? Do I say come and belong, yet stand aloof at a distance? If the statistics I cited are true, you are going to believe my body and not my lips. I want to speak truth, as Jesus did, with a posture of grace that shows its real.

The Church is a body, Christ’s body. Are we faithfully communicating His words by our posture? Do we share about God’s grace without enthusiastically welcoming the stranger? Are our programs too rigid or busy to reach out to our neighbor? Why is the church known for what it is against and not what it is for? Our actions speak louder than words. What is the world hearing?

A Church that is united with its brothers and sisters around the world sends a powerful message. Local congregations acting in unity, reaching over divisions and barriers, are strong safe havens for the weary to hear the good news. Lord, help our posture to convey Your great message because the world is watching our body language to see if it’s true.

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