Can you hear me now?

The story of Balaam’s donkey makes me laugh. Balaam seems completely unruffled by the fact that his donkey just talked to him. In fact, he has a conversation back with it. It’s actually the donkey that brings up the strangeness of the situation.

Balaam’s actions serve as a caution to me. He was intent on going somewhere and didn’t hear God say no. In fact, he didn’t want to hear God say no. I have been tempted to get so focused on a path or a mission that it's hard to hear what God is trying to tell me, especially when I don't really want to hear what He may be saying.

But I’m also encouraged by the extraordinary way God intervened to get Balaam’s attention. There are times God does the extraordinary to close a door or catch my attention. Maybe He wants to redirect my path, or maybe just redirect my heart.

I need to check my path and stay focused on God. Am I willing to hand over my goals and be willing to hear when God says “no,” or “turn here?” Lord, give me ears to hear.

When has God used the extraordinary to get your attention?

And the donkey said to Balaam, … Numbers 22:30


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  1. Lorraine
    A chuckle and an ouch reading this. So well said. Such a poignant reminder.

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