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Practice and Pretend

Watching kids in costume is great fun this time of year. Some dress as their heroes or what they want to be when they grow up. They play act as their character and become someone new. Maybe those who save the day with a cardboard sword, or leap into action to stop a crime, will…
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Our Jewish friends celebrate the end of Passover this week, marking their deliverance and freedom from slavery in Egypt. As followers of Jesus, we are also celebrating our deliverance this week, freedom from the sin that held us captive. The parallels in these celebrations are no coincidence. Jesus, our Passover Lamb, delivers us from death…
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Precious Lamb

We marked Lamb Selection Day on Sunday (Palm Sunday), the day when ancient Jews were instructed to choose a lamb to be slaughtered for their family on Passover. But Passover comes four days later, meaning the lamb was to live with the family during that time. That seems really odd to me. Why this strange…
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New Day

I’m a morning person. I enjoy getting up and starting the work for whatever the day holds. It’s a new day, fresh in all that can be accomplished. By the end of the day, I tend to notice not what I did, but what I didn’t do. A task unfinished, a conversation missed, not eating…
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