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Just for fun: Ancient Board Games

My family enjoys board games and this holiday break was no exception. It’s a fun way to interact, laugh and relax. But Hasbro didn’t invent the concept. Here’s an article that shows this kind of interaction has been around for a long time. Some well-preserved boards were found in Gath and a few in neighboring…
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Everyday Joy

A while back I received a gift of three Christmas themed blocks spelling out J O Y. They ended up sitting out all year – who can’t use a little extra joy? My friend let word get back to the artist of their daily use and she graciously created a new set for me without…
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Forty is a frequently occurring number in our Bible. It rained on Noah for forty days. Moses was on Mt. Sinai for forty days. Elijah went forty days on the single meal provided by God. A generation is considered as forty years and we see the wilderness wanderings lasting that long. The New Testament continues…
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Picture This: What is it? #3

Time for another challenge! Name this artifact! It was found in a warrior’s tomb in Greece. He may have been a contemporary of Moses. Put your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or the WTWN webpage. No research, just give us your best guess!  I'll update with hints, if needed.
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