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Naked I Stand

We have been trying to hide and cover our bodies since Eden. We fear that someone may see us as we actually are, naked and imperfect. The mirror at the salon, with hair pulled back and bright lights shining, reveals my true face. It’s easier to imagine an airbrushed look when not forced to gaze…
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Parodox Within

It seems to me that in the fullness of life there are great paradoxes. There is truth that I know in my heart, but yet cannot understand. God has foreordained me to be His child, but it is fully my choice. I am created in His image and yet formed from the dust. I am…
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Are you rested?

Last week we talked about the value of work before rest. But the converse is true as well. Rest is necessary for the mind, body and soul so that we can return to productive and creative work. How do we experience that rest? Our society puts a high value on leisure time. In fact, billions…
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Time to Rest?

An interesting podcast recently suggested that without creative work, there is no true rest. Creative work generates a product or useful service and can be done in an office, home, library, or on an assembly line. Sometimes we are paid for our work but we also might be serving as a volunteer or within our…
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