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Just for fun: Ancient Board Games

My family enjoys board games and this holiday break was no exception. It’s a fun way to interact, laugh and relax. But Hasbro didn’t invent the concept. Here’s an article that shows this kind of interaction has been around for a long time. Some well-preserved boards were found in Gath and a few in neighboring…
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Time to Rest?

An interesting podcast recently suggested that without creative work, there is no true rest. Creative work generates a product or useful service and can be done in an office, home, library, or on an assembly line. Sometimes we are paid for our work but we also might be serving as a volunteer or within our…
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You don’t have a soul

“You don’t have a soul. You ARE a soul. You HAVE a body.“ This is great news! Wrestling with the loss of friends, health issues among loved ones and my own physical changes in this decade of life, this is a timely reminder from C. S. Lewis. Ok, actually I heard Ravi Zacharias quoting C. S. Lewis!…
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Remember Me, O Lord

Remember me, O LORD, when you show favor to your people; help me when you save them. Psalm 106:4 Does God forget about us? Why do we see the fathers of our faith imploring God to remember? As Westerners, our first instinct is to intellectualize things. When describing our faith we make lists of essential…
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