Dear God, let’s talk …

A recurring theme I’m hearing in Christian community right now is to “hear God’s voice.” It’s a good admonition. We should be encouraged to listen through God’s Word and the guidance of the Spirit; but some caution and discernment should be exercised when something else is meant. It’s important to listen to God, but it’s also hard at times. We live in a busy and noisy world and I know I struggle at times to slow down and listen – to quiet my soul enough to really listen – to what God may be saying.

While I work to discipline my heart to hear God’s voice, I wrestle more with letting God hear mine. It’s true He already knows everything, including my thoughts, before I even think them. He not only knows my words but the true feelings behind them. But like in any relationship, communication is important. Luke records that even Jesus often withdrew to pray.

It’s important that He hears me tell Him I love Him, even though He already knows. It’s important to tell Him what makes me hurt – He’s waiting for me to come to Him so He can comfort my tears. And it’s vital to tell Him when I’m wrong, that I blew it and sinned. He’s already forgiven me and now reconciliation is at work. He wants me to tell Him when I’m confused or angry. He’s tough and can take it, even when I vent my anger at Him. Besides, He already knows. Admitting it to Him, even in a rant, might be the first step toward working it out. Maybe He wants to use that anger towards action of some sort.

So here’s some instruction to myself this week. Talk to God. Let Him know there are things going on that don’t make sense to you. Ask Him to help the hurting around you. Tell Him you want to join in His work. Ask Him to show you how. Listen. Respond to Him about what you are reading in scripture. Maybe even sing Him a song. Most importantly, tell Him you love Him. He already knows, but keeping in conversation builds relationship and reminds you He is always there.

Before a word is on my tongue You, Lord, know it completely. Psalm 139:4

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  1. Charles Mansur
    Hi Jennifer, I missed your studies, they were very good. I just started on a new study in my church in the book of Acts. In respect to listening to God and hearing him, I would say for most of us we hear him when we pray the scriptures. For me, it's both scriptures and his gentle voice inside of me as well as from other brothers and sisters when they give me a word of encouragement. Your brother in Christ! Charles
  2. Jen
    Agreed, Charles! I have prayed through the psalms and find that God uses them to bring things to mind - as well as words for praising Him.

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