Least Likely

God reveals His glory in unlikely places through unlikely people. He probably does that because His glory shows brighter to us in those situations. I think He also has a sense of humor about it and enjoys our surprise, even as it builds our faith.

Some of my favorite “least likelys” include:

David – as the youngest son and a shepherd boy, he was a least likely candidate to become king; in fact, he wasn’t even called in from the fields when Samuel came to anoint one of Jesse’s sons.

Rahab – a gentile prostitute; she was the hero that saved the spies at Jericho and was then included in the Messianic line through David

Gideon – in Gideon’s own words, “Pardon me, my Lord, but how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family.” Yet he was called mighty warrior and delivered Israel.[1]

Mary – the obscure young virgin from meager means; she became the mother of our Messiah.

Mary of Magdala – woman disciple of Jesus, honored as the first eyewitness to the resurrection; even though as a woman, her testimony would not have legal weight to the Romans.

Saul – also known as Paul, was a zealous persecutor of Christians; he “saw the light” and became the most influential leader of the early church.

Sarah – a 90-year-old barren woman; she became the mother of Israel.

I’m a least likely - an introvert with an education and career in the medical field; God has called me to teach about Him in classrooms and churches. I’m astonished every day that I get to encourage someone from God’s Word. And I pray that His glory will shine brighter still because He loved enough to use even me.

Is there a “least likely” place God is using you?

[1] Judges 6:15

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  1. I so sincerely love this about God. One of the favorite things I learned in Jewish Roots was the idea of Jesus and sarcasm. Using the culture of the day to point out things people thought they were getting away with. Something God does to me DAILY! Keep it up Jen! We'll get you on the radio yet!!
    • jen
      Ha, ha! Thanks, Bridgette!
  2. […] “least likely” from last week is Joanna. She is part of the group of women that followed Jesus […]

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