God’s Word is rich. It is deep and multi-layered. It is living. And sharp as a double edged sword. It guides and leads. And it is never changing. Really? Never changing? How can what was said thousands of years ago have any relevance for us today?

Well, primarily because God is never changing. But also because we aren’t as different from those original hearers as we’d like to think.

God has created pictures throughout his text which tell us about Himself, about us, and about our relationship to Him. The Jewish discipline of meditation involves interacting with the pictures He’s created. Even physically interacting. God says He is our rock. Pick up a rock. What’s it like? Solid and strong. Or next time you’re out hiking put your hand against a big rock slab in the mountainside. How would you feel in a storm – is this something you’d find protection next to? Or in a scorching heat – to find life saving shade? What does this tell us about God? This handling, or interacting, with God’s pictures is the Jewish form of meditation. It’s touching, fingering – and thinking about what God might be saying.

Look for the pictures.

In the same way, God’s Word is likened to a precious gem with many facets or sides. We hold a gem up to the light  - and as we move we see the brilliance of the light moving through it from various angles. The gem itself is firm – and unchanging – but the different facets constantly light up in their turn as we handle it and turn it, absorbing it’s beauty.

So it is with God’s Word. Never changing. Yet so richly and beautifully cut, it is always giving us a new glimpse of the Creator.

Bless God.

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  1. Elaine
    Something to meditate on - God's Word firm and never changing, but new glimpses and insights as I look at it from different angles - never changing and always changing..
  2. Janice
    Jen, can you provide some insight into the word steadfast? I am studying it as in psalm 90:14 but a finding its a word bigger than big. Thanks
    • Jen
      Good correlation to "unchanging" - yes, firm. Good one. Check out also Hebrew word "chesed" for Psalm 90.
    • WTWN
      Good correlation to "unchanging" - yes, firm. Good one. Check out also Hebrew word "chesed" for Psalm 90.
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