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Where do I go to learn more about Bible history?


This is the teaching ministry of Ray Vander Laan, who first introduced me to Bible history in its original Jewish culture and context. I am significantly influenced by his teaching. Thank you, RVL!


I love digging (archaeological pun intended) into news from this academic source on the latest discoveries. There’s even a bi-monthly journal, which I eagerly pore over – but I don’t admit to this on first dates. While not solely a Christian voice, this scholarly organization lends much to my understanding of ancient cultures.


This is a digital library I frequently use while studying – Bibles in every translation, concordances and commentaries all at my fingertips.


Lois Tverberg has a scholarly approach to Bible and culture that is accessible for all of us.

What I am Reading Now:

The Epic of Eden: A Christian Entry to the Old Testament

by Sandra L. Richter
Great companion for our Jewish Roots class.

Other Books on My shelf:

The World Jesus Knew

by Anne Punton
This is the book I wish I wrote. It’s a great introduction to biblical culture – a very readable look at Jesus’ world. And, it’s a great backdrop for further studying.

Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

by Marvin R. Wilson
Written by a professor at Gordon College, this textbook makes a great case for understanding why the Bible’s “Jewishness” is important to our Christian faith.

5-Minute Church Historian: Maximum Truth in Minimum Time

by Rick Cornish
This is a fun way (yes, it’s fun to me) to learn about church history. God has been, and is, working. Be encouraged… we’re part of a bigger picture!

More References I recommend:

That the World may Know DVDs and Faith Lessons for small groups

This is the next best thing to being there and a great experience to do with friends as you walk through lessons in Bible lands. It’s insightful, practical, inspiring and a favorite with many of my friends.

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