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The Sand by the Sea

As the sand by the sea, great are Your blessings toward me. How many grains of sand can you hold in your hand? Can we imagine a number big enough to hold the number of granules on a single beach? I recently enjoyed some time camping and relaxing on the beach. It was beautiful. But…
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Night Watch

There is a unique culture that exists at night, necessary work being done while the rest of the world sleeps. I’ve witnessed the hard working janitor, the aid emptying bedpans, the cook and the street sweeper. It’s largely the humble that populate the night ranks, those that clean from the day before or prepare for…
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Meal Blessing

Do you pray before a meal? What do you say? Many of us were taught a specific prayer as a child that goes through our head, if not our mouth, as we sit down to eat. The prayer usually has some form of blessing the meal. But, as RVL has said, “what’s wrong with the…
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Under His Wing

My yard has had a variety of winged visitors this summer, from hawks and hummingbirds to dozens of varieties in between. I love sitting on my patio in the mornings peacefully watching and listening. The Hebrew word for wing is kanaf. It appears all the way back in the first chapter of Genesis when God…
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