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Happy Holidays?

I look forward to the holidays, a time that I gather with friends and family for festive meals and a celebration of God’s goodness. We enjoy our time together, sharing the spread that my mom has typically put together (and an obligatory walk before our pie). No, it's not perfect. I’ve brought my own angst and…
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Let’s Play

God built into His creation the ability to play. We see this especially in babies. Learning occurs while they play. Lion cubs hone their hunting skills through interacting with siblings. Our own children learn to speak and begin to discover the world through play. Clearly, there is a design for this. But is it only…
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Still Easter?

Does my life reflect the reality of the resurrection – or is it just an annual celebration? I love attending sunrise service. While it was a gorgeous morning overlooking the harbor this year, it felt somehow incomplete since some of my favorite hymns weren't sung. OK - and shouldn't there be a trumpet? Those are…
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“For such a time as this…”

Why does being in the right place so often feel like the wrong place, at least until seen in hindsight? Purim begins tonight at sundown – the holiday that recounts God’s deliverance of the Jews through Esther. Although she was queen, Esther was essentially acquired into a harem. For a devout Jew, this was probably…
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