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Shelter in the Storm

 Behold, a king will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule in justice. Each will be like a hiding place from the wind, a shelter from the storm. Isaiah 32:1-2 Each will be a shelter, a hiding place. Princes (and princesses!) take the lead of their ruler. They represent Him and fulfill His plan. We will…
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God’s House

In keeping with last week’s post, I want to continue to examine the power of words. We know that church is not a building; church is God’s people. In the same vein, the building we go to is not God’s House. He doesn’t live there any more than anywhere else His people congregate. The early…
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In Church

Words matter. It seems that our culture is getting fuzzy about the words we use. But words are powerful and convey ideas and truth. Words like “church.” If we are careless about our words, we may be communicating something we don’t intend. I understand that meanings change with time, but I also want to be…
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One Body

I am horrified at the events happening in the Middle East right now. As I was discussing these atrocities with a friend recently, my graceful dog knocked over a trashcan smashing my friend’s finger. Ouch! While only the finger was injured, the pain was felt all over. She was able to continue the conversation, although…
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