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Be Together

Be together. There is strength and wisdom in that instruction. I don’t always recognize that because I’m an introvert and those can be hard words. We are made to be together, to complement each other’s strengths, to encourage and lift up when needed. After the crucifixion, we see that the disciples were gathered together. They…
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The Bible is full of pictures showing that we are connected. We are a body made up of many parts, stones in His temple. We are a family, sisters and brothers in the faith. God has given us all unique gifts and experiences and we need each other to fulfill His calling. My own piece…
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Knowing God … together

How well do you know your best friend, or even your spouse? Maybe you’ve been together for years and you think you know just about everything about them. I have a close friend that I know very well. We’ve been through a lot together and relate to one another on a certain level. We have…
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Time to eat

I love to eat. I just enjoy the whole experience - the taste, the savoring, relaxing into the moment and sharing time with friends or family. As I sit at a table with loved ones, our day oozes out until we’ve digested our food, as well as our thoughts and feelings. In most cultures, to…
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