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Leap of Faith

God is strategic in how He builds our faith, leading us to situations that focus our reliance on Him. The Exodus journey is a good illustration of the maturing process and how, like a loving parent, God nurtured His people. There is much to learn from their time in wilderness, but crossing the Red Sea…
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Emunah Faith

Abram’s faith was reckoned as righteousness. Genesis 15:6 What was it about Abraham’s faith that God called him righteous? The word we translate as faith here is emunah. Abraham had emunah. Faith is often referring to what we believe. Emunah, though, is a word that connotes a visceral conviction. It is an active trust and…
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Remembering the Future

God tells us to remember. He uses standing stones, feasts, symbols and tradition to ensure future generations know who He is and what He has done. During Passover dinner, the history of God’s deliverance of Israel is recounted. Joshua piled stones at the Jordan so future generations would ask about the miraculous crossing there. Jesus…
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The Faithful

I enjoy learning about people of great faith. They are part of our spiritual history and we are connected to them. St. Patrick comes to mind this week, and last month we were reminded of Valentine. It is encouraging and motivating to know their stories. There are also great examples of faith that don’t have…
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