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Our culture hides death. I’m not sure why. Maybe we’re uncomfortable with expressing the pain or facing our own mortality. Or maybe it simply forces us to recognize we’re not in control. But this season gives us a stark reminder with every ash-marked forehead. Ash is a picture of our mortality, our physical destination. Cultures going…
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Pricey Gift

I became a great aunt last week. I love to tease my nephews that I’ve tried to be a good aunt – but now I’ve been promoted and am great. It’s a delight. She arrived right on time in a nice clean and warm environment. Her arrival was marked by good health for mom and…
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In the World

In the world, but not of it. As Christians we hear that slogan as a rallying cry, trying to keep purity within our hearts as well as within our ranks. The fight is to keep the world out so that we are not dirtied by it. The rebellion of Jewish faithful in second century BC…
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His Sweet Word

Today is the Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av. It is a sad day that marks many tragic events of Jewish history, most notably the destruction of the temple. The mourning includes fasting from anything they would consider joyous – marriage celebrations, feasting, bathing, sex and … reading the Torah. Torah study is so identified as…
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