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Leap of Faith

God is strategic in how He builds our faith, leading us to situations that focus our reliance on Him. The Exodus journey is a good illustration of the maturing process and how, like a loving parent, God nurtured His people. There is much to learn from their time in wilderness, but crossing the Red Sea…
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Un-Promised Land

In my temptation to overstay a season, with its relative comfort and predictability, I wonder what I may have missed out on. The courageous Israelites that moved into the Promised Land and a new season did not include everyone. There were two and a half tribes that decided not to go. They saw the lush…
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Who aren’t you?

Do you have someone you look up to or follow? I have several teachers that I read or listen to voraciously. They have influenced me significantly and I am grateful for their influence. But sometimes I so resonate with what has been said that I wonder what I could possibly add to the conversation. Do…
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Changing Seasons

I like winter with its cool, crisp mornings. Spring reminds me the year is already rolling ahead much too quickly. I tend to get comfortable in whatever season I may be in and want to stay there. It gives me the illusion of control and safety. I know what to expect. I can get busy…
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