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Expecting Joy

Wilderness life moves us to simplicity and the bare essentials. Supplies are prioritized because we can only carry so much and the terrain is difficult. Spiritual wilderness reflects the same realities. It reveals what is really important and we only keep around us those things of critical value. The Israelites found themselves in a wilderness…
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Season of our Rejoicing

It is a time of great joy! Doesn’t it feel like we need it? The Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot, starts this week and God commands rejoicing at this feast more than any other. In fact, the direction occurs three times, an important number. This great time of rejoicing follows the most somber day of…
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Everyday Joy

A while back I received a gift of three Christmas themed blocks spelling out J O Y. They ended up sitting out all year – who can’t use a little extra joy? My friend let word get back to the artist of their daily use and she graciously created a new set for me without…
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Our culture hides death. I’m not sure why. Maybe we’re uncomfortable with expressing the pain or facing our own mortality. Or maybe it simply forces us to recognize we’re not in control. But this season gives us a stark reminder with every ash-marked forehead. Ash is a picture of our mortality, our physical destination. Cultures going…
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