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Mikveh: Time to Come Clean

Ritual purity laws in the Bible are somewhat of a mystery to us today. Yet in them we see beautiful pictures of God’s provision. It is God who decides what is unclean and what is clean. The ritual cleansing to get from one to the other is called micveh and it must be done with…
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We take cool water for granted. It is at our fingertips most any time and we can drink before we even feel true thirst. Its easy access makes us complacent to how fundamental it is to our health and survival. But in a desert, everything cries out for water – the animals, the people, even…
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California is largely desert, but that’s easy to forget. In the midst of this desert we grow beautiful green lawns and luscious fruit, all because we bring in water artificially. We fool ourselves … until a drought hits. Israel, too, is mostly desert. Cisterns are dug to catch rain or the occasional flood. But cistern water isn’t fresh.…
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Let it flow

Have you been filled from the fountain of living water? Jesus promised to supply living water and, if we’ve asked Him, that life now flows in us. The Holy Spirit, living and active, now resides in us. If you’ve been to the fountain and are filled with the living water, you are able to live…
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