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When God calls

Soldiers immediately run into formation at the call of their commander. Present and accounted for, they wait for their instructions and are committed to follow orders whatever they may be. God called Abraham and his response was “hineni,” or “here I am.” This Hebrew word says, “I am present,” but not just physically. It includes…
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To Wrestle with God

Jacob, alone in the wilderness and facing a crisis, has a wrestling match. He lasts through the night, refusing to let go, and demands a blessing. The Lord gives him that blessing but leaves him with a humbling reminder of their interaction, a limp. This Jacob becomes Israel, which means to struggle or wrestle with…
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Politics Aside

We’re in a very political season in our nation. Americans are deeply divided and emotions are running high with increasingly disparate worldviews being expressed. It seems there are two general tendencies within the Christian community. There are those who want to separate and have nothing to do with government or civic practices, essentially creating their…
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Un-Promised Land

In my temptation to overstay a season, with its relative comfort and predictability, I wonder what I may have missed out on. The courageous Israelites that moved into the Promised Land and a new season did not include everyone. There were two and a half tribes that decided not to go. They saw the lush…
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