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When God calls

Soldiers immediately run into formation at the call of their commander. Present and accounted for, they wait for their instructions and are committed to follow orders whatever they may be. God called Abraham and his response was “hineni,” or “here I am.” This Hebrew word says, “I am present,” but not just physically. It includes…
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Dust from His feet

Yosie, the son of Yoezer from Zeredah, said: “Let your house be a meeting place for the wise; cover yourself with the dust of their feet, and drink in their words with thirst.” The idea of being covered with someone’s dust has many implications. It reveals a close proximity and suggests following closely; or sitting…
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Just because He said so

How do we react to God when He gives us instructions we don’t like or don’t understand? For me, I know it’s easy to be a little sloppy in the execution because I’m not sure I’ve bought into the importance. Since I don’t understand the purpose, my heart isn’t really in it. Like pray without…
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Got Ears?

"If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear." Mark 4:23 I pray for ears that hear God. But what does that really mean? Sometimes it means I just want to hear from God. To know He is there. It’s relational, like hearing the voice of a friend. But I also want to hear God…
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