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How Not To Pray

This, then, is how you should pray, … Matthew 6:9 Many of us have memorized the Lord’s Prayer, the model that Jesus gives His disciples to emulate. But how many of us know the words that precede it? While usually overlooked, I was struck by their practical instruction. And when you pray, you must not…
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Prayer Lottery

Prayer is such a mystery to me. Sometimes God chooses to intervene and change events based on my request. And then sometimes He doesn’t. But God always acts according to His will, so when does He answer prayer? I’ve previously used the analogy that God is not a vending machine – that if we ask the…
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Remember Me, O Lord

Remember me, O LORD, when you show favor to your people; help me when you save them. Psalm 106:4 Does God forget about us? Why do we see the fathers of our faith imploring God to remember? As Westerners, our first instinct is to intellectualize things. When describing our faith we make lists of essential…
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Can you hear me now?

Fasting is a difficult practice for me - maybe because I don’t totally understand it or maybe because it is just hard and I lack the physical discipline. Recently a friend committed to a short fast and, wanting to join her, I took a look at this practice once again. As I made a short…
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