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Sharing Hearts

I’m reading a book merely entitled “Prophets.” It’s one of those books that I need to wade through slowly, but it’s giving me a sense of the deep passion of the Biblical prophets. The author’s premise is that the prophets speak God’s heart, His emotion. The prophet becomes a voice that God uses to express…
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Under His Wing

My yard has had a variety of winged visitors this summer, from hawks and hummingbirds to dozens of varieties in between. I love sitting on my patio in the mornings peacefully watching and listening. The Hebrew word for wing is kanaf. It appears all the way back in the first chapter of Genesis when God…
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His Sweet Word

Today is the Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av. It is a sad day that marks many tragic events of Jewish history, most notably the destruction of the temple. The mourning includes fasting from anything they would consider joyous – marriage celebrations, feasting, bathing, sex and … reading the Torah. Torah study is so identified as…
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Every Tear

A tradition of collecting tears was practiced by the ancient Romans. Mourning was a public event and when someone died, a small bottle was passed. The tears were collected and then buried with the deceased, showing his importance. You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You…
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