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The philosopher, when he sees a miracle, looks for a natural explanation. The Jew, when he sees nature, looks for the miracle. This saying is from a book of rabbinic teaching (Sefer HaMaamarim). It is a great illustration of the Jewish worldview. A common Jewish practice every morning is to acknowledge all things are from…
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Dust from His feet

Yosie, the son of Yoezer from Zeredah, said: “Let your house be a meeting place for the wise; cover yourself with the dust of their feet, and drink in their words with thirst.” The idea of being covered with someone’s dust has many implications. It reveals a close proximity and suggests following closely; or sitting…
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See the ant?

A thin black line of ants marched under the back door and towards the dog’s food. They had been disrupted by the recent torrent of California rain (.02”) and were finding new paths. Fortunately, I caught them early in their trek and simply moved their newly found treasure to the lawn. That kept those busy…
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Just asking

A friend and I were debating a historical event. We each would let our mind race to the next piece of information without really hearing what the other was saying. Talking past each other, we were convinced of our own correct opinion, and not even realizing we were using the same words to mean something…
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