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You don’t have a soul

“You don’t have a soul. You ARE a soul. You HAVE a body.“ This is great news! Wrestling with the loss of friends, health issues among loved ones and my own physical changes in this decade of life, this is a timely reminder from C. S. Lewis. Ok, actually I heard Ravi Zacharias quoting C. S. Lewis!…
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Our Jewish friends celebrate the end of Passover this week, marking their deliverance and freedom from slavery in Egypt. As followers of Jesus, we are also celebrating our deliverance this week, freedom from the sin that held us captive. The parallels in these celebrations are no coincidence. Jesus, our Passover Lamb, delivers us from death…
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New Life

There are plants in my yard that I thought were dead, but after ignoring them I found they had started to grow again. Maybe they were close to dead, or maybe they were just dormant. Seeds can look lifeless. But plant a seed, even after a thousand years, and it may still sprout. This is…
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Our culture hides death. I’m not sure why. Maybe we’re uncomfortable with expressing the pain or facing our own mortality. Or maybe it simply forces us to recognize we’re not in control. But this season gives us a stark reminder with every ash-marked forehead. Ash is a picture of our mortality, our physical destination. Cultures going…
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