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In ancient times, a servant did not approach his master casually. Upon coming into his presence, the master would be praised, a request might be made and the master would be thanked. You can see a similar protocol when subjects address a king. It is this attitude that the Jewish people adopted in developing their…
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Freely Thankful

The once in a lifetime union of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving gives us time to reflect on the similarities of these holidays. Where holidays can diminish when joined (think birthday on Christmas) they can also become more meaningful when the symbolism is connected. The Jewish tradition and Christian tradition this week actually are born out of…
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Thank God

This is the season of thanks - a wonderful time of the year when our minds are more intentional toward gratitude. There are many great tools and exercises for recounting those things for which we are grateful, but I am reminded again that it is just as important that we are intentional about WHO we…
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God’s Luxury Hotel

I ran across this story on gratitude in several sources. Rabbi Yisrael Salanter was a 19th century Jewish scholar involved in translating the talmud. Once, when Rav Yisroel was in Paris he was in a very fancy hotel. He ordered only a cup of water. When it was time to go, the waiter brought the…
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