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Expecting Joy

Wilderness life moves us to simplicity and the bare essentials. Supplies are prioritized because we can only carry so much and the terrain is difficult. Spiritual wilderness reflects the same realities. It reveals what is really important and we only keep around us those things of critical value. The Israelites found themselves in a wilderness…
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Sabbath manna

My natural bent is toward planning and saving. Good disciplines, except when it tempts me to rely on my own work and not on God’s provision. There is a tension between God providing all things, and yet, He has called us to participate in it. While in the wilderness, God provided for the Israelites. He led…
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Un-Promised Land

In my temptation to overstay a season, with its relative comfort and predictability, I wonder what I may have missed out on. The courageous Israelites that moved into the Promised Land and a new season did not include everyone. There were two and a half tribes that decided not to go. They saw the lush…
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Changing Seasons

I like winter with its cool, crisp mornings. Spring reminds me the year is already rolling ahead much too quickly. I tend to get comfortable in whatever season I may be in and want to stay there. It gives me the illusion of control and safety. I know what to expect. I can get busy…
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