Un-Promised Land

In my temptation to overstay a season, with its relative comfort and predictability, I wonder what I may have missed out on.

The courageous Israelites that moved into the Promised Land and a new season did not include everyone. There were two and a half tribes that decided not to go. They saw the lush fields for their flocks and figured that life could be pretty good on the east side of the Jordan. No need to cross over, even though God had given Israel the land west of the Jordan.

To be fair, they asked God’s permission. And they helped their brothers conquer the area. But they never claimed the promise for themselves. They never fully identified with the vision for what God had called Israel to be – and never fully partook of the blessings. God had laid out the area He wanted to give Israel. The tribes that stayed in the east had received God’s permission, but it wasn’t what He originally intended for them. It is interesting that their history records more battles than for their kinsmen that crossed over. They had no peace on the east side of the Jordan.

I am often eager to help others conquer their promised land, but sometimes am reluctant to receive it myself. But the consequence of “pretty good” and not crossing over might be battles God never intended me to fight.

Is there an area you sense God is giving you to conquer?

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