Uncut Stone

The altar that was built, first in the tabernacle and then in the temple, was made of uncut stone. God commanded specific instructions on its design and use. The Biblical picture of atonement was being drawn and they were reminded with each sacrifice.

you shall build an altar to the Lord your God of uncut stones. Deuteronomy 27:6

So why, the detail regarding the stone in this picture? Uncut stones were used as they were found. They were gathered and used exactly as God provided them, not fixed or added to by man. In fact, God called it profane if a tool was used on it.

So it is with Christ’s redeeming work. As a place of sacrifice, the altar always pointed to Jesus. There is nothing we can do to add to His payment and no work that will improve upon it. In fact, any attempt of our own efforts is profane. God supplied it all. We are just to receive what is given.

Man has a tendency to want to work towards God. We see an example of this pride in the men of Babel. They created a tower trying to reach up to God from bricks made by their own hand. But God said no - and He destroyed their work and scattered the people.

Passion week has concluded but the work of Christ remains fresh in my heart. I must be careful not cloud that joy by attempting to add my own work. It would profane the cross to think I had any part in my salvation, other than to receive what was mercifully provided.

Bless God for His work. And the freedom that comes of knowing it is all Him.

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