Who aren’t you?

Do you have someone you look up to or follow? I have several teachers that I read or listen to voraciously. They have influenced me significantly and I am grateful for their influence. But sometimes I so resonate with what has been said that I wonder what I could possibly add to the conversation. Do I have something unique to contribute?

I wonder if Joshua felt the same way. He took over leading Israel from… Moses. Seriously? How can you follow Moses? Personally, I think Joshua doubted himself. God had to encourage him over and over to “be strong and courageous.” Joshua had lived with Moses for many years and saw his leadership. I can hear him now, “I’m no Moses.” But God called Joshua to be Joshua – not Moses. And exhorted him repeatedly to not be afraid and conquer the challenge put before him. That challenge was different than the one Moses overcame. To Moses’ credit, it looks like he did a good job in preparing Joshua. When it was Moses’ time to leave, Joshua was ready, whether he felt like it or not.

The change of season we looked at last week was not just an external change of scenery, but required a personal change. For Joshua it was a change of roles. Joshua needed to be Joshua - learning from his mentor, Moses, but embracing the uniqueness of his own calling. And because he was faithful, Joshua entered a new season. And he was used by God to move Israel into a new season as well.

I can struggle with who I’m not. What about you? Have you been trying to be someone other than who God has called you to be?

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  1. Elaine
    Good - and important - and easy to forget - message

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