What's Been Overheard About Jennifer O'Herin?

I so love the way you put things. You have a gift for seeing things clearly and writing them just as clearly. You should turn this all into a devotional – or a blog.

I enjoyed your classes immensely and think what you have studied and are teaching are invaluable. You made so many things click for me in the Bible and fueled my fire to read it more. In my humble opinion, you should have hundreds of interested Christ-followers coming to your class every weekend.

You write so well, so understandably. Do this more and more and more. We learn from you each time you write!

… My profound gratitude to you for the great teaching. It’s so inspiring – theologically, biblically, and practically. I see you being a great blessing to the Church in this generation (to restore)… a biblical foundation to understanding the gospel in (current) culture.