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The philosopher, when he sees a miracle, looks for a natural explanation. The Jew, when he sees nature, looks for the miracle. This saying is from a book of rabbinic teaching (Sefer HaMaamarim). It is a great illustration of the Jewish worldview. A common Jewish practice every morning is to acknowledge all things are from…
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Eternal Work

“What do you do?” It’s a common question when first getting to know someone. To be fair, it does tell us something about that person. But how we work reveals more about our character and who we are than our title or occupation. Several years ago Mike Erre brought together some powerful thoughts on the…
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Knowing God … together

How well do you know your best friend, or even your spouse? Maybe you’ve been together for years and you think you know just about everything about them. I have a close friend that I know very well. We’ve been through a lot together and relate to one another on a certain level. We have…
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Keeping ties

The Eastern culture embracing symbols and pictures has lasted from Biblical times even to today. There is a high value on remembering, so they are surrounded with tokens, photos, even habits, to be reminders. We see this practice in the Bible as God told the Jews to wear tassels so they don’t forget to keep…
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