Reflect on these things …

… and the Lord will give you insight into all this.   2 Timothy 2:7

Paul gives Timothy some instruction on enduring hardships and then tells him to think about it. Mull it over. It was a hard teaching but Paul assures his young disciple that God will provide insight if he reflects on those truths. It strikes me that there is some wrestling needed on Timothy’s part. He doesn’t have an instant epiphany or immediate understanding. But rather he needs time to ponder or meditate on it. He needs time to listen.

When I’m in a hard place, I want God to show me the answer. Right now. I may not even be asking Him to throw down a lightning bolt and fix it – but just show me what to do. Sometimes He gives quick insight. And yet more often I find He says to think about it. Meditate on it.

I realize I don’t reflect on difficult issues very often, partly because it requires quieting the noise around me. I find myself distracted with input that is just … well, distracting. If I have filled my mind and heart with His Word, then that is what I will reflect on. The Spirit will use that to guide and bring insight. God can do anything, but He’s not likely to pop a verse magically into my head that I haven’t read.

Spiritual growth and maturity, like any growing process, requires time and effort. When life is hard and there are things I don’t understand, I need to create a quiet place to think on the things of God and ask the Spirit to teach me and to give me insight. It’s not quick. It’s not easy. But it is crucial to learning to hear Him. God is faithful and will teach, counsel and instruct me - if I’m willing to sit, wrestle and listen.

Reflect on these things ...

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  1. Not quick, not easy, so true! What a challenge and important reminder.

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