Shelter in the Storm

 Behold, a king will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule in justice.
Each will be like a hiding place from the wind, a shelter from the storm.
Isaiah 32:1-2

Each will be a shelter, a hiding place. Princes (and princesses!) take the lead of their ruler. They represent Him and fulfill His plan. We will reign with Jesus one day[1] and we represent Him even now. We are called to be like Jesus, and each one of us bear His mission and reflect His character.

What is our reputation in the community – as a church, as an individual? When storm levels rise, quite literally, are people drawn to us? Do they see us as a safe place? Are we a comforting place? Do we already have a presence in the community as bringers of shalom and mercy so that when life buckles it is to us they run? Matthew[2] uses the idea of a city on a hill whose light cannot be hidden, no, not even in a storm. Our world should be naturally drawn to us, especially in times of trouble.

The mobilized church is a great source of physical relief and mercy, and our ability to point to the true Source of comfort and peace sets us apart. We have been rescued and now know where relief is found.

As the hands and feet of Jesus on this earth, we represent Him and carry out His work. What a privilege! Each one of us, individually, is a shelter in the storm in some way. We can provide safety, sustenance, kindness, and comfort. And together we create a powerful beacon of hope to draw in the lost. God uses His people in times of trouble and draws the hurting toward Himself.

Lord, make me like a hiding place. Let me offer shelter from the storms of life because You are making me like You. This is my plea.

[1] 2 Timothy 2:12

[2] Matthew 5:14

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  1. When you see how the Church responds to events like Harvey, I think you're seeing the REAL Church of Jesus, not that overblown media hype that you always see coming from the "noisy minority".

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