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The Good Branch

Pruning involves cutting away not only unproductive branches but also good branches. My head knows that a good pruning will increase a crop – in abundance and quality. What I found was that my heart struggled with cutting a branch that had even the earliest signs of new growth. It might be a potential pom!…
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What’s your path?

Wouldn’t it be great to have superpowers? Or even just “better than average” powers or skills? David said God had given him hind’s feet. A hind is a small deer – it can scamper across the sheerest of cliffs seeming almost to fly. It is surefooted on these tiny nubs of rock – places that…
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The world is watching

Can painting a home be holy?  Clearing ivy an act of sacrifice to God? John chapters 14-17 record the last words and instruction from Jesus to His beloved disciples. He reminds them who He is, who they are, what He is about to do and what He has called them to do. He strengthens them…
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Throw your stone

David, a real little boy that grew up into a real king, began his life as a shepherd boy. The lowliest vocation you could have. It was the youngest member of the family that fell to that task. Shepherds protect their sheep and lead them to safe food and water. How?  Well, sheep would follow…
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