What’s your path?

Wouldn’t it be great to have superpowers? Or even just “better than average” powers or skills? David said God had given him hind’s feet. A hind is a small deer – it can scamper across the sheerest of cliffs seeming almost to fly. It is surefooted on these tiny nubs of rock – places that would leave us clinging for dear life. I’ve imagined a young David wanting to scamper around in the rocks fearlessly moving from crag to cleft.

But what if that isn’t really what David was after? The path those deer took was a tough and rigorous path. The feet God gave them were perfect for that path and unlike those of anyone else. What if David was acknowledging that he had been given the right feet for the difficult path ahead?

When my life is difficult I ask for an easier path. Maybe I need to pray instead for the right feet for the path He has given me.

He makes my feet like hind's feet, and sets me on my high places. Psalm 18:33

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